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Sphero – What ARE This?!

Amanda Stone

In short, Sphero is a robot ball. Thats right, a robot ball…


This little guy is controlled by your Android or iOS device via apps, and different apps are available for different ways to play with Sphero. He’s waterproof, scratch resistant, glows in different colours, reaches up to speeds of 3 feet per second, and connects to your device instantly via bluetooth.





Sphero works by means of a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. These two control the ball’s two rubber wheels and force it to roll around.

But WHY, you may be asking? Well, the first thing that stood out to me was that Sphero is pet friendly.


Cat and Sphero


And if you’ve ever watched a cat and an inanimate moving object, you’ll understand the joy in this. Plus, this is a moving object that you can control from up to 50 feet away. Which makes for some seriously entertaining play time with your pet. Dogs included. For proof, check this out.


Sphero also swims. So for all those dogs (and cats) who like to go swimming, Sphero can now join them. See here: Sphero in Water

And then there are other uses for Sphero, like building a carriage for your phone / camera and having it powered by Sphero, so that you can capture all sorts of completely random footage. Again, I’d imagine this being rather interesting if you have pets. Or a family member who has no idea what Sphero is (a granny perhaps).


Sphero charging



To charge Sphero, you just plop him in this little nest like device and he charges wirelessly. Which is cool. What’s also pretty cool is that new apps for Sphero are being developed constantly, and some of them are great for educational purposes, such as learning how to program Sphero himself, as well as helping younger kids to develop fine motor co-ordination skills.

And if you don’t believe me, watch the video attached. And have a good chuckle.


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